Project NameCT Foodchain
DeveloperChiu Teng Group
Site Area6901.10 sqm (74,283.44 sqft)
No. Of Units98 Units
Tenure99 years from 27 Jan 1984
Expected TOP30th September 2023
CarparkCarpark Lots : 43 Lots, Handicapped Carpark Lots : 1 Lots, Motorbike Lots : 2 Lots, Lorry Lots : 10 Lots (7.5m Rigid Frame), 20 footer Lorry : 1 Lots, Bicycle Lots : 84 Lots
Unit Types
  • B2 Food Production: 3186 to 3272 sqft (98 Units)

    Reinforce concrete piling and/or substructure to Structural Engineer’s detail and/or design.

    Reinforced concrete structure and/or post-tensioning concrete structure and/or structural steelwork to Structural Engineer’s detail and/or design.

    Precast concrete panels and/or dry wall partition and/or reinforced concrete and/or brick wall and/or blockwall with skim coat/plaster and paint and/or tiles.

    Reinforced concrete flat roof with waterproofing and insulation and/or metal roof with insulation at designated areas.

    Concrete off form finish and/or skim coat and emulsion paint finish and/or false ceiling with paint finish, where applicable.

    Estimated Floor to Floor Height:
    1St Storey 6.825m
    2nd to 4th 6.825m
    5th to 9th Storey 5.075m
    10th Storey 7.000m

    i) Common Areas:
    Cement and sand plastering and/or skim coat with emulsion paint finish and/or spray-textured finish and/or ceramic tiles where applicable
    ii) Units:
    Cement and sand plastering and/or skim coat with emulsion paint finish and/or ceramic tiles to toilet and bin rooms and refuse chamber up to ceiling height

    • Note: No tiles and/or plaster and/or skim coat with emulsion paint above false ceiling

    i) Lift Lobbies:
    Floor tiles and/or power float concrete floor
    ii) Units:
    Power float concrete floor with hardener and/or floor tiles with waterproofing where applicable
    iii) M&E Rooms:
    Cement and sand screed finish with waterproofing where applicable and/or power float concrete with hardener
    iv) Driveway:
    Power float concrete with hardener and/or bitumen premix and/or concrete imprint
    v) Toilets/Refuse Bin Centre:
    Floor tiles with waterproofing where applicable
    vi) Staircases:
    Cement and sand screed finish with nosing strip and/or metal plate with paint and/or natural finish

    Aluminium framed glass window and/or fixed glass panels and/or fixed aluminium louvers

    Metal and/or aluminium and/or timber doors and/or metal roller shutters and/or PVC doors where applicable.

    (a) Plumbing and sanitary installation are provided in accordance with statutory requirements.
    (b) Scupper drain and sampling sump provided for each unit in accordance with statutory requirements

    1st Storey Units 125 Amp (3 Phase)
    2nd-4th Storey Units 125 Amp (3 Phase)
    5th-9th Storey Units 100 Amp (3 Phase)
    10th Storey Units 125 Amp (3 Phase)

    Lightning protection system provided in accordance with prevailing code of practice.

    Weather-resistant paint and/or spray-textured finish to the external and emulsion paint/acrylic paint to the internal surfaces where applicable.

    Waterproofing provided to all slabs subjected to water penetration, internal wet areas (e.g. toilets and bin centres), slabs above water-sensitive areas (e.g. substations) and areas open to sky where applicable.

    Natural/Mechanical ventilation shall be provided in compliance with authority requirement to the designated areas.

    2 (two) nos. of passenger lifts and 2 (two) nos. of service lifts.

    Fire Protection System provided in accordance with statutory requirements.

    All Driveway/ Ramp/ Loading and Unloading Area 10 kN/m2
    1St Storey Units 15 kN/m2
    2nd Storey to 4th Storey Units 12.5 kN/m2
    5th Storey to 9th Storey Units 10 kN/m2
    10th Storey Units 12.5 kN/m2
    1st Storey to 3rd Storey Mezzanine 4 kN/m2

    Common cable trays for telecom cables are provided on each floor.

    Supply of gas (LPG) through pipeline network from the centralised cylinder bank to each unit with cap off at unit entrance.

    Refuse chute provided are every unit at 2nd storey to 10th storey and 1 (one) designated bin point for each unit on the 1st storey.

    Dedicated exhaust duct from each unit to roof with cap off for purchaser’s connection at high level.

    1 (one) number of 7.5m rigid frame vehicle loading and unloading bay at 1st storey and loading and unloading area in front of each unit.

    A. Materials, Fittings, Equipment, Finishes, Installations and Appliances
    Subject to clause 15.3, the brand, colour and model as specified for all materials, fittings, equipment, finishes, installations and appliances to be supplied shall be provided subject to the Architect’s selection and market availability.

    B. Warranties
    Where warranties are given by the manufacturers and/or contractors and/or suppliers of any of the equipment and/or appliances installed by the Vendor at the Unit, the Vendor will assign to the Purchaser such warranties at the time when vacant possession of the Unit is delivered to the Purchaser. Notwithstanding this assignment, the Vendor shall remain fully responsible for the performance of its obligations under clauses 10 and 18.

    C. False Ceiling
    The false ceiling space provision allows for the optimal function and installation of IV8zE services. Access panels are allocated for ease of maintenance access to concealed M&E equipment for regular cleaning purposes. Where removal of equipment is needed, ceiling works will be required. Location of false ceiling is subject to the Architect’s sole discretion and final design.

    D. Glass
    Glass is manufactured material that is not 100% pure. Invisible nickel sulphide impurities may cause spontaneous glass breakage, which may occur in all glass by all manufacturers. The Purchaser is recommended to take up property insurance covering glass breakage to cover this possible event. Notwithstanding this note, the Vendor shall remain fully responsible for the performance of its obligations under clauses 10 and 18.

    E. Mechanical
    Ventilation System Mechanical ventilation fans and ductings are provided to fire fighting lobby, unit toilets and bin room, and localized area of production unit, car parks and driveways which are not naturally ventilated. To ensure good working condition of the mechanical ventilation system, the mechanical ventilation system for the exhaust system within internal toilets, units, bin rooms (where applicable) is to be maintained by the Purchaser on a regular basis.

    F. Wall
    All wall finishes shall be terminated at false ceiling level. There will be no tiles/stone works behind kitchen cabinets/vanity cabinet/mirror.

    G. Tiles
    Selected tile sizes and tile surface flatness cannot be perfect, and subject to acceptable range described in Singapore Standards SS483:2000.

    H. Exhaust
    Duct Exhaust ducts are provided to all Units, to comply with statutory requirements. Wet chemical suppression system, exhaust fans, hood, fresh air fans and air cleaner as well as accessories are to be provided by Purchaser connecting to Vendor provided exhaust duct to comply with NEA requirements. To ensure good performance of the exhaust system, maintenance for respective unit exhaust system and its exhaust duct from internal to external of the unit shall be done by the Purchaser.

    I. Water and/or LPG and/or Electrical Supplies
    The Purchaser is liable to pay such fees to the water and/or LPG and/or electrical supply providers or any other relevant party or any other relevant authorities for the supply connection for their respective water and/or LPG and/or electricity supply. The Vendor is not responsible for making arrangements with any of the said parties.

    J. Telephone and/or Cable Services
    The Purchaser is to subscribe to a preferred Telephone/Cable service provider for internet and telephone services. RJ45 points will be provided in all Units.